Friday, January 4, 2013

Commitment Ceremonies

Perhaps some would consider it an irony that I am legally able to perform marriages in a state where I myself am not legally able to marry. Yet I am thrilled when couples decide that they would like to join in marriage - socially and politically taking on rights as well as responsibilities. For many, however, the word "marriage" conjures up religious imagery they would rather not have in their own celebrations of love. And whether you are gay or straight, trans or bi, religious or otherwise, you may very well meet someone you would like to commit to be with for the rest of your life.

Every new year that my partner and I live together - every month, week, and day that we share together, we commit to each other to love and work and live together, now and into our future. And someday, we too plan to celebrate our ongoing commitment by throwing a party and proclaiming that love publicly! I hope that every couple I work with, queer or straight as they may be, will know how meaningful Commitment Ceremonies are for their family members and friends.

The reason I choose to charge less for a Commitment Ceremony than for a Wedding is largely political - there are a few more steps that a minister or judge takes to ensure legal paperwork is submitted properly for couples desiring to be recognized as legally married by a state where they live. But I will give a completely equal amount of effort and dedication to couples who come to me wishing to have an officiant at their Commitment Ceremony!

First, you'll have a free consultation meeting with me, to discuss and determine if I'm the best fit for your event. This will be followed by three pre-event meetings where I meet family members, best men, maids of honor, friends, whomever you would like me to meet and question so that I can craft a completely personal and meaningful celebratory speech.

I'd like to know how you met, to know your interests and hobbies, what you spend your days doing, and what you hope for in life! I'd like to know your favorite music, authors, films, poems, and quotations, so that I can tie them in to what I write, making your day feel personal, and memorable to all of your guests. And lastly but certainly not least importantly, at the final of these three meetings we will design a certificate you will be able to display in your home should you choose, recognizing your commitment to each other in a way you see fit, signed by yourselves, witnesses if you would like, and myself, the Humanist Minister presiding.

Should this experience seem to be ideal for you or anyone you know planning such a celebration of their love, please contact me or send them to or 801.654.7614.

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